We put our heart in every project

Each project is unique, has its own purpose and its owner would love to accomplish great things throught it.

Lapisoft thinks of them as its own prodcucts, and takes care of every single detail, no matter how small it is. At the end, we will be only happy when the client is proud of the result.


Custom software development

One of our best expertises is the ability to create great experiencies by developing custom products.

Different products have different needs, thus, custom solutions for each occasion.

The client gets only what is needed.
And it gets it as it fits their desires.
No more pre-built solutions at great costs.

Custom mobile app development

Computers are not the new standard. Mobile devices are the new reality. Delevop apps for your phones and tablets. They go where the users go.

By doing that you allow the users to access to your product worldwide.

From Android to iOs. Even better, both at the same time.
Different layouts or features to phones and tablets.
Take advantage of each feature of mobile devices.

Technology consulting

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert. That’s what we’re here for.

Technology renewal, change of suppliers or the digital transformation of your physical business, we develop the best solution for you.
• Change of suppliers
• Digital transformation of your physical business

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We cover the whole product cycle

Most times, when a client needs a product, does not realize that it is as complex as a machine.

Developing a product usually involves several steps. Lapisoft has expertise on each field, from the database, to the frontend.

And from the initial design to the final deployment on the market. One team, better communication. The best result.

Projects from anywhere

Doesn’t matter where you are, or what market you want to get in. Lapisoft has amazing clients over the world.

And we want you to be one of them, even if you are on the International Space Station! You only need an idea, and we’ll make it happen.

Multi-language products. You can target as many markets as you want.
Remote workshops. We can meet wherever you are.
You just need to focus on what you desire.

Secure coding & top quality software

Just having a product is not enough. It’s important to have a secure, high quality product.

By following code standards and implementing a reliable test suit, we make sure we have the best possible product.

Full test suit to avoid bugs as much as possible.
Always following the most recent and secure software paradigms.


Management platforms

As a case of study, we’d like to explain how we accomplished great things in one of our most interesting projects we have been involved with: Nemecum.

It’s a platform for managing parenteral nutrition with thousands of products. It’s a full-cycle case study.

What are you looking for? Do you have a new project in mind?

BORN READY. We’d love to discuss what Lapisoft can do for your project.